Armin van Buuren

Armin van Buuren debuts expansive trance classics playlist

Trance legend Armin Van Buuren has done everything in his power to contribute to the genre of trance throughout his career. Now, with the genre receiving a modern twist from the likes of Shapov, ARTY & more, Armin has decided to pay homage to the classics in the genre by creating a playlist entitled A State Of Trance Classics’. Rummaging through the playlist, the catalog contains a whopping 765 songs equalling out to roughly 86 hours of trance goodness.



Amongst some of the classics included are Chicane’s classic groove Offshore, Dash Berlin, Jay Cosmic, and Colin McLoughlin’s, Here Tonight, and Veracocha’s 2008 mix cut of Carte Blanche. The playlist offers depth, utility and just as intended a load of absolute trance classics. For new and old trance listeners alike, Armin has seemingly constructed a completely encompassing playlist of the genre which touches on a little bit of everything.

In the meantime, the expansive library full of trance classics may bring back some serious nostalgia to loyal fans. Curated by one of the genre’s top dogs, Armin’s new A State Of Trance Classics, takes listeners on an important course throughout the history of the genre. Take a listen below: