Avicii's Levels

Avicii & Nile Rodgers recorded at least 10 tracks together

A feeling that is still being felt across the electronic dance music scene, the loss of Avicii has and continues to pull on our heartstrings whenever we hear is music playing. Some of the biggest electronic dance tracks to hit worldwide charts and shape the course of electronic music came from the Scandinavian music producer himself. Arguably, Avicii and his music had a hand in the rise and popularity of electronic dance music to how prominent the EDM scene is today. From the iconic ‘Levels‘ to supremely-favourite ‘Wake Me Up‘, Avicii’s music continues to be a regular current feature of fellow music producers performances as well as nestle among fans playlists. One track the talented artists produced was his hit ‘Lay Me Down‘ with Nile Rodgers, who recently revealed he had recorded at least 10 tracks with Avicii.

It’s almost bittersweet to hear the news that there is an abundance of unreleased music produced between both the Avicii and Nile considering both artists are truly talented in their own individual rights. Speaking about the tracks, Nile said:

“I’ve just been contacted about putting out my stuff, but I’ve got to see how it is because I was very close to Tim and the music we didn’t put out was extraordinary. He was blown away, as was I. But, because of what I know, which I will not talk about, I want to make sure that whatever work I do would be to the benefit of the people Tim would want that project to benefit.”

Only time can tell on this one if we will ever get to hear whatever both Nile and Avicii cooked up together in the studio. If its anything like ‘Lay Me Down‘, then we are certainly in for a truly special musical treat. listen to ‘Lay Me Down‘ below.