Avicii’s piano from Hollywood home is on its way back to Stockholm

More details have begun to emerge following the initial announcement that Avicii’s Hollywood home had been sold for an impressive $17.5 million. In a more advanced look at the belongings within the Hollywood residence, it’s now been established Avicii’s prized piano will be on its way home to Sweden.

While it’s likely most of the legends possessions are being brought back to Sweden, the main and seemingly most important piece of personal belonging to the artist, his Steinway piano, will also be shipped back home to a museum in Sweden. The announcement was made via Instagram by Lynda Murray, principal designer for her personal interior design company, LMID in Los Angeles. It’s not quite clear how fans discovered the post with no page tags, hashtags, location logs or direct mention of Avicii, however many have flooded the comments with love and happiness simply supporting and appreciating the decision.

In fact, just before Tim left for Oman it had been detailed that Avicii invited Joe Janiak – a fellow songwriter and producer to his home in Hollywood where the two spent several weeks writing a batch of new songs. Unsurprisingly, it was also detailed that the work which had been accomplished was on his Steinway piano, not in any DAW or computer-based software. The session consisted of simply writing lyrics and devising melodies. Currently, it’s not quite clear which museum the piano will end up, however, it’s assuring to know that one of Avicii’s most prized and frequented possessions is on its way home.