Axwell Λ Ingrosso debut their music video for ‘Dancing Alone’

Despite being on the brink of Swedish House Mafia’s reunion, Axwell Λ Ingrosso have finally debuted their music video for their late June release, ‘Dancing Alone‘ featuring English recording artist RØMANS. The trio has put together one of the most nostalgic music videos in dance music, paying homage to old-school underground global rave culture.


The opening shots of the video introduce the text that sets the entire atmosphere of the video. This text reads – “1. This video isn’t for this song” & “2. No cameras at a rave.” The video chronicles exactly what you’d think – a woman dancing alone amidst intermittent cuts to various raves scenes over the years depicting other women dancing alone. The simplistic video primarily uses show quality production effects, concrete statues and an empty warehouse for spacial rave-like effects. The more we watch the video, the more we guess what the message is. There seems to be a hint toward the impending announcement of Swedish House Mafia’s official return, or maybe the message is simply to enjoy the music. The trio who formed just two years after “2006” the year Ingrosso ever so graciously tweets as greater than our 2018, gives a timeline leaning into the trio and their beginnings/inspirations amongst the ever popular rave scene.

Many even speculate in the comments of the video the abrupt ending which cuts to a filmed black and white track race uses the three gunshots as allusions to the SHM return, as one viewer comments,

“Were those 3 shots in the end referencing SHM?”

We’re not quite sure, however, maybe that’s the point of the video, to simply keep us guessing just as the trio have been doing for months now. Watch the ambiguous music video for Axwell Λ Ingrosso’s ‘Dancing Alone‘ below: