Swedish House Mafia

Axwell Λ Ingrosso re-upload ‘Dancing Alone’ video with new ending

In an interesting turn of events, Axwell Λ Ingrosso have re-uploaded their music video ‘Dancing Alone‘. It was August 30th when the Brokenint filmed video was initially uploaded, and while the video had left people confused from the get-go, now Axwell Λ Ingrosso truly have the world’s attention. The most confusing part about the re-upload – the video is all but the same, apart from an ending change. The video still dishes out the two cardinal statements, “1. This video isn’t for this song” & “2. No cameras at a rave.” It’s the ending however, that has everyone talking.

Initially, the approximately 17-second close to the video abruptly cuts to a 100-meter dash at what appears to be an Olympic stadium. The old-time footage was also edited to contain three gunshots, as opposed to the one, normalized gunshot to initiate the race. This caused controversy, stirring several viewers to believe this was a sure sign pointing to an imminent Swedish House Mafia return or at least a subtle nuance into the trio’s reunion. However, this may have been proved true in an even more confusing turn of events.

The re-upload completely cuts out the initial video’s ending cutscene, and only contains one gunshot after showing some live footage and simply fading to black and some fans have begun to theorize that maybe this holds true to the video’s 1st cardinal rule, “this video isn’t for this song”. Instead, what people are beginning to deduce, is the video is serving as a countdown to something. A fan in the comments of the video points out,

“In the first edition, at the end there was 3 gun shot. Now, there is only one. Maybe a countdown for something?”

With the first video containing three gunshots and two weeks after the initial video release, a new upload only contains one – it all makes sense if the gunshots are indeed a countdown and represent weeks.