Interview: Bassjackers & Sunstars discuss new single ‘Block’

Dutch duo, Bassjackers and Italian trio, Sunstars have come together to discuss their latest track ‘Block’ out now on Spinnin’ Records. Combining 5 minds in the studio, the artists also discuss the benefits of collaborating and divulged into the importance balance and teamwork. Practising what they preach, Bassjackers & Sunstars delivered an outstanding final product in ‘Block’.

DJ, Marlon Flohr, and producer, Ralph van Hilst, who together form Bassjackers, are perfectly in sync as a duo. Their opposing personalities – Marlon being the wild one rocking each and every stage they play and Ralph the cool & collected one, preferring to shine behind the scene on the producer seat, are a perfect combination for this unique one DJ-one producer collaboration.

With releases on Spinnin’ Records, Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings, Nicky Romero’s Protocol and Tiësto’s Musical Freedom, Luigi, Alberto and Andrea of Sunstars began their musical journey together just a few short years ago, and haven’t looked back since. Their release, ‘DYSYLM’ with Breathe Carolina, has raked in 4 million streams and was ranked amongst the most-listened tracks on 1001tracklists for 5 consecutive weeks.

In celebration of their newest release, Bassjackers & Sunstars kindly sat down with We Rave You to give some valuable insight behind their latest creation.

Both: ‘Block’ is a gargantuan high-energy festival track! How did it all come together?

Sunstars: “Thanks! We made the demo of the drop some months ago then we sent the idea to the guys. They loved the energy and the club feeling of the track so much that they decided to put their signature sound on it.”

Bassjackers: “Tommy of Breathe Carolina introduced us to Sunstars, as we were talking to him about their high quality of producing Sunstars were displaying. The guys said they had a little idea that could fit our style. It sounded awesome and upon hearing it, ideas immediately started flowing and we went into the studio to induce our flavour to it. The end result is amazing and we think its the perfect hybrid of bigroom and bounce! “

Both: Did having 5 producers in the studio speed up the arrangement process? How did it affect the mixing process?

Sunstars: “Yes it did. Being 5 producers give us the chance to work on different parts of the track. We mainly focused on the drop, they worked on the breaks. We were almost on the same wave so it wasn’t difficult for Ralph from Bassjackers mixing the track.”

Bassjackers: “Haha, its funny, because with that many people there is always someone with an opinion about something. But its that pressure that makes the track so special. Much like us, Sunstars aren’t easy in settling for something, its that special attention for detail that makes Block stand out. “

Both: Did the large collaboration present any limitations? How easy was it to discuss differing points of view?

Sunstars: “Personally, it was not so complicated working altogether. From the beginning, we found a sort of ‘harmony’ between our projects that made working together super easy!”

Bassjackers: “The process went down pretty easy, we were all in it to make something special and there is a lot of mutual respect for each other’s skills. We discussed the ideal we were all tried to achieve so we all knew what the direction was: that perfect hybrid between bounce and bigroom. We had a lot of fun and learned a thing or two in the mean time.”

Bassjackers: This year, you’ve alongside the likes of L3N, Blasterjaxx and Bali Bandits. What made this collaboration different?

“Every track, every process is different and special. What made this one special was that we had the idea of where to go to so quickly! Other times you’re not sure where a track is going untill late in the process.

Sunstars: You’ve already had 2 successful collaborations with Breathe Carolina this year. Both of which reached the top 10 in their respective genre charts on Beatport. Given this, what was your mindset coming into this track with Bassjackers?

“After two huge vocal tracks with heavy bass house drops, ‘DYSYLM’ and ‘Feel It’, we wanted to try something more clubby and festival feeling. Our goal was to produce a track that both TOP and resident djs could play during their sets. We think the result was amazing!”

Bassjackers: Being a duo, what was it like to see a trio working in the studio? How did their workflow differ to yours? 

“Its not a day and night difference, just one opinion more to deal with. A lot of opinions help the outcome, when everybody is clear on where they’re headed. Sunstars strike us as three Italian stallions that are on a mission, and they’re all on the same page. Being a trio really helps then, we expect big things (we actually heard them already haha).”

Sunstars: As a trio, you already understand how vital give & take is in a partnership. Was it easy to apply the same principle with ‘Block’?

“Totally yes. Bassjackers are super humble guys and we had so much fun working on Block together! Hope to have the chance to cook something new in the near future.”

Be sure to listen to ‘Block’ below and add stream it here.

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