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Interview: Breathe Carolina discuss new single ‘My Love’ feat. Robert Falcon

Colorado’s biggest electronic music export is back with another smash-hit! Breathe Carolina have teamed up with Belgium’s Robert Falcon to deliver a smooth-sailing, easy-going, Deep-meets-Future House tune, out now on Spinnin’ Records. With 4 tracks reaching the top 10 across various charts on Beatport this year alone (including ‘DYSYLYM’ with Sunstars), Colorado’s dynamic duo boasts an impressive resume in 2018 and are set to add to it with their latest release!

With Breathe Carolina having recently been on tour in Asia and Falcon having played 21 shows across 7 countries this summer, both acts still managed to find time to work on new music! Blending plucky basslines with experimental lead synths and serene vocals, the 3 minds have combined the best of their respective worlds to deliver their latest masterpiece! In celebration of the release, Breathe Carolina sat down with We Rave You to discuss how the single all came together!

‘My Love’ takes a pleasantly mellow approach, compared to some of your previous releases! What inspired this new musical direction?

“We wanted something that the average listener could just put on and drive to, something to take you to a place you wouldn’t go listening to regular club music.”

How did Robert Falcon come into the picture? How valuable was his contribution? What did you learn from him?

“Robert and us have been talking about doing something together for a VERY long time! He played a huge role in this song and actually brought the original version to us before we switched it up quite a bit.”

The vocals work really well with the guitars and pads in the breaks. How difficult is it to find sounds that compliment each other so well?

“With a vocal like this the main priority is to not overpower the vocal and let the song be a SONG.. the ‘drop’ or the track is 2nd to the vocal, not the other way around!”

‘My Love’ undeniably boasts a unique soundset! What makes it so different to your previous tracks?

“I think it has elements from both us and Robert,  which makes it a bit different than any of our other tracks! But it has kind of a tropical house feel which we don’t usually do! “

The lead synth in the drop is unique, bright and catchy! How did that come about?

“Originally it sounded nothing like that, it kind of had more of a future house vibe. But we thought it needed something a bit more “easy listening” so to speak, and after about 4 or 5 versions we got this one!”

You’ve enjoyed two successful tracks with Dropgun; ‘Sweet Dreams’ and ‘Rhythm Is A Dancer’! What did you learn from those collaborations and how did they influence the production of ‘My Love’?

“We learned that no one is as good as Dropgun is at sound design! Hahaha.. but we learned a lot about the perfect structure for a “playable” club record.. Those two songs are all about the energy and how well they go beginning to end.. Every DJ is playing those records because they have the perfect energy… From Kaleenas vocals to Dropgun’s sound design to our song writing structure and production they are really well crafted tunes! “

What’s in store for the rest of the year? How do you expect to close out 2018?

“Lots of touring as always! We have 2 or 3 more tracks before the year is up and are finishing our EP now for next year that we are excited about!”

Be sure to listen to ‘My Love’ below and grab a copy here!


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