Camille Luciani

Camille Luciani – Aphteraq

After nearly a year returning off the back of his tune ‘Kubick‘, French producer Camille Luciani has introduced the world to his Aphteraq EP released under the effervescent Germany techno label Steyoyoke. The EP is a four-track techno powerhouse, that doesn’t skimp on quality. The growing producer still has yet to push himself to the next level with his productions however, his Aphertaq EP is an impressive body of work.

Kicking off the EP with ‘Amonrath‘, the entrancing opening certainly gives a peek into what the EP has in store. Delivering faint airy chord work, behind driving synth plucks, the lead tune juxtaposes the heavy synths with soft keys and the result is simply a wonderfully chilling ambiance. The EP’s self-titled tune, ‘Aphteraq‘ is next and once again sports the same ambiance – it’s the tunes warm dark texture that gives the tune a sense of life. ‘Aphteraq’ almost seems completely constructed around the kick breathing a simply magical atmosphere into the tune. Almost like a heartbeat, the tunes lifeline, and driving force is seemingly its thumping kick pattern.

The EP’s third tune ‘Ascendere‘ implements light arpeggiator based synth lines that undoubtedly give the tune its euphoric sound and name. In fact, the tunes name takes a derivative form, as the word is a verb in Latin which in English literally translates to “to climb”. In direct connection to ‘Ascendere‘s’ translation, Camille Luciani works wonders on the production, doing just what the title attempts to convey as he gracefully lifts the listeners into a carefree state of mind.

The final tune off the EP ‘Mirage‘ is just what you’d expect, a collected fantastical tune. The aura is that of simplicity. With the tunes recurring and seemingly drifting synth lines, ‘Mirage‘ is delicately mixed with slight builds and the faintest of fills including various keys, chimes, and plucks that aim keep listeners guessing while simultaneously keeping them transfixed. The tunes methodical nature is the perfect way to round out the EP.

Take a listen to Camille Luciani’s impressive Aphteraq EP below: