deadmau5 trolls Hardwell following touring hiatus announcement

Following Dutch superstar and Big Room House pioneer Hardwell‘s recent decision to retire from touring, controversial Twitter aficionado and DJ/Producer deadmau5 has reverted to stirring the pot once again. The 37-year-old, who has a history of being vocal on Twitter, recently took aim at Hardwell’s recent decision, through belittlement and sarcasm.

Priding himself on being one of the biggest and best in the industry, Hardwell explained his desire to take a step back & slow down:

“Being Hardwell 24/7 leaves too little energy, love, creativity and attention for my life as a normal person to do so. This is why I have decided to clear my schedule indefinitely to be completely liberated from targets, interviews, deadlines, release dates, etc.”

Extracting the seriousness and heartfelt subcontext out of Robbert’s decision, Joel takes the liberty of shining a satirical light on the situation by sarcastically elucidating the tweets’ real meaning:

“im sitting here debating on letting the cat into the studio or not, shes sitting there meowing her face off at the door but i dont want her to climb all over the console… thanks for your support on this matter :D”

Check out the mau5’s cheeky string of tweets below!

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