Deniz Koyu – Atlantis

Turkish/German DJ Deniz Koyu pumps out “Atlantis” on Spinnin’ Records. Full of driving melodies and that specially curated sound KO:YU is known to conjure up, this track will be a set staple. The producer/DJ is known for club bangers on labels like Protocol Recordings, Axtone Records, Refune, and many more. He was heralded as an EDM artist to watch in 2012 by MTV and now here he is in 2018 putting out quality music.

In 2016, Deniz Koyu went to KO:YU. He has released loads of tracks under this alias and his style shares many similarities from his former while still being very original and creative. Some of the memorable tracks under his belt include the irresistible “Ruby” released on Axtone as well as his big room jumper called “Tung!“. Both these tracks have stood the test of time and went on to be very notable records still getting air time even today. The producer has a signature sound that places melody and groove as paramount. He utilizes unique sounds and finds way to never make a track that sounds verbatim like his last one.

“Atlantis” is a track that brings about old school piano vibes paired with the new instrumentation of today. Starting with crist beats and a progressive piano pluck, the track mounts into an electro charged tune filled with some fun harmonies. The producer is known for having a very clean mixing style, his songs are usually heralded as top notch when it comes to sonic quality and balance.

What do you think of this new beauty from Deniz Koyu? Check it out below.