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Dillon Francis and Lao Ra join forces on ‘White Boi’

Dillon Francis is known worldwide for his outrageous and comical uploads via his official social media channels, making him one of the most watched and popular electronic dance music artists in the game. Throughout the years, we have seen his evolution as an artist and as an individual, resulting in his army of fans feeling a sense of closeness with the beloved American producer who is behind some of the biggest hits of our generation. Most recently he took to IGTV to preview his third album ‘WUT WUT‘. The album is set to feature important collaborations with YushuaHappy Colors, and Ximena Sariñana, highlighting a new sound with a focus on Latin music.

The latest single ‘White Boi’ features catchy vocal chops and melodies which make it pleasant to listen to, Lao Ra also does an amazing job of incorporating different styles of singing in her performance. Here is what she said about the song in a statement:

“This is an ode to the white boys in my life and how exotic and endearing they are to me. Think Dillon loved the fact that he was a white boy himself. The song might be about something else tho, but that’s for you to find out.”

‘White Boi’ will no doubt be a stand out track from Dillon Francis’s upcoming album ‘WUT WUT’ as it is the only track to combine English singing with the general Spanish and Latin sound Dillon Francis is going for. He spoke about this in a statement as well as talking more about his chemistry in the studio with Lao Ra.

“This record is really special to me because it’s one of the few songs on my album that’s in both English and Spanish. I think Lao Ra is a freaking star, and working with her was a dream come true. It was so easy to write this song together, and we’ve already started working on many more.”

As we wait for ‘WUT WUT’ to drop on 28th September via Francis’ IDGAFOS label, be sure to check out the music video for ‘White Boi’ below.


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