Jack Back – (It Happens) Sometimes

Mysterious figure Jack Back has returned with yet another release entitled, ‘(It Happens) Sometimes‘. The “artist” is a heavily rumored side project for hugely successful DJ and multi-platinum producer David Guetta. As the connections continue to mount, the signs are all there and frankly add up – Jack Back’s catalog has only ever been played out by Guetta himself, his Spotify page since his last release ‘Overtone‘, has been updated with content featuring David Guetta, and the most telling sign yet – a slew of connections including Guetta’s management and close partners immediately followed Jack Back socials. Needless to say, the coincidence definitely sparks some intrigue. No matter, while it’s widely interpreted the French superstar is the man behind the music, it’s his newest tune that gives off an entirely different vibe than what we’re used to hearing from Guetta (probably indicative of why this is a side project after all).


The groovy, soulful, entrancingly unique vibe that Jack Back exudes through his newest, ‘(It Happens) Sometimes‘ gives off immediate imagery of a heatedly intimate club. Boiler Room sets, small, packed groove stages, or even as holistic and groove-inducing as the Megastructure from Ultra Music Festival – these are the venues you can easily identify the tune being associated with. There’s just a certain rhythm and profoundness to the release. If you weren’t tuned in before, the expansive, head-nodding ambiance certainly will make sure you’re taking notice of Jack Back.

Take a listen to Jack Back’s ‘(It Happens) Sometimes‘ via Spotify below: