Like Mike

Like Mike – Back 2 U

Michael Thivaios, aka Like Mike from the Belgian EDM super duo Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, has continued his run of single releases with yet another solo project entitled ‘Back 2 U.’  The artist’s last single release took place in May of 2018, where he continued to let the world in on his solo project. While the artist’s brother and well-respected half of the electronic music group stared in the recent French film The Bouncer (formerly titled Lukas)alongside Jean Claude Van Damme – Mike surely has had plenty of time to produce for his solo project while Dimitri was away filming on set.

Despite performances amongst the world most recognized festivals, if you’re a fan of the duo, it’s easy to see the telling signs that the two brothers Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike have begun to take a noticeably larger interest in their personal brands and images. In the case of Dimitri, he’s been moving more heavily towards his passions of pursuing acting for some time now, while Mike has been keeping himself involved in the production aspect of his career both within DVLM and on his own taking up his solo project. There have been no impending signs or hints of a potential split to pursue their individual interests, however, while DVLM continue to thrive together, maybe it’s just time the two continue to branch out and develop their unfulfilled individual passions of their own. I mean, after producing and traveling the world with your sibling together for 11 years now, the sacrifices for the group and commitment to each other must certainly mount up.

Needless, to say Like Mike’s newest is a bonafide groove. The simplistic melody paired with the enticing topline create a catching ambiance. That’s not all, the tunes choppy pitched vocal cuts in the tunes drop overlaid with ‘Back 2 U’s’ thumping bassline give the song something special we’re just not used to hearing from Like Mike. Especially when being produced under the Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike moniker. With all that being said, you’re the one who will formulate the final thoughts.

Take a listen to Like Mike’s ‘Back 2 U‘ below via Spotify: