Luma-ESCPE-Dark Water

Luma – Dark Water (feat. ESCPE)

A common trend among artists on the rise is to collaborate with fellow artists from their own country, due in no small part to all the constraints of resources and other aspects involved in producing a track across the seas. While exceptions may exist, it is something similar – an all American collaboration – that we have on our hands here as Nashville based singer and songwriter Luma collaborates with Boston based producer ESCPE for a stunning track titled ‘Dark Water’. With the track released through Luma’s channel’s and built around her well honed vocals, it sees the talented young producer ESCPE also ply his craft at its fullest.

Serenading from the very get go with vocal snippets and a low-tempo beat work that is neatly detailed, it is hardly a surprise that ‘Dark Water’ is a track that relies more on the sumptuous vocal shift put in by Luma in comparison to the solid production foundation laid down by ESCPE. As Luma’s gracious voice carries the track across, it becomes clearer from beat to beat that the all American pairing is a tremendous one at that, as both the artists compliment each others gifts with great aplomb. With ‘Dark Water’ under their belts, we expect to hear many more such enthralling tunes from both Luma and ESCPE in the near future.

You can purchase Luma & ESCPE’s ‘Dark Water’ on Amazon here.

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