Martin Garrix ANIMA

Martin Garrix & Justin Mylo preview new tune ‘Burn Out’ to release on STMPD Records

Following his recent opening to season 3 of The Martin Garrix Show, the young Dutchman has certainly shown us what he’s capable of over the years. From his debut hit in ‘Animals‘, all the way through to his latest summer smash ‘Ocean‘ feat. Khalid, Martin Garrix has rapidly become and one of dance music’s top names and continues to not only stay atop the competition but, build upon his already strong brand. Even with his last tune, ‘High On Life‘ featuring Bonn, the euphoric overtones and strong emotion he’s able to convey through the tunes production alone, is something only few are able to accomplish and that’s before Bonn’s immersing topline.

Not only does Martin continue to astound listeners with his complete productions, but he only seems to be getting better. With that being said, since it’s the future everyone is excited about, Martin made well clear this year at Tomorrowland he has plenty in line and we seemed to have gotten a slight glimpse at some new tunes the youngster has in store. Now, one of those tunes played out at Tomorrowland this year is lined up for release on September 14th via Martin’s imprint, STMPD Records. On the new tune, Martin Garrix teams up with Justin Mylo and vocalist Dewain Whitmore for a progressive house masterpiece entitled ‘Burn Out’.

Take a peek of the tune that was played out from Garrix’ Tomorrowland 2018 set below: