Michael Brun-Kah-Lo-Spice

Michael Brun & Kah-Lo – Spice

While his endless repository of production talent is well established in the Dance music industry, Michael Brun‘s productions hardly ever fail to surprise even when keen listeners finally thinks they have caught his flow. Take for example his latest double-release comprising of tracks ‘Jalouzi’ and ‘Soweto’, both, while part of the same release, are quite contrasting productions and are enjoyable in their own way. And these two releases too are vastly different from his earlier releases such as ‘All I Ever Wanted‘. Out to deliver something special yet again, the Haitian producer is back to the charts with a new track titled ‘Spice’, which features him collaborating with Grammy-nominated Nigerian singer/songwriter Kah-Lo.

Kicking off with a sumptuous and thoroughly enjoyable House-style beat, Brun’s masterful production desk craft is on display as he lays the foundation for Kah-Lo to do her magic on the vocals. Shuffle-worthy, well crafted and packing a sure element of surprise within, ‘Spice’ is assured to enthrall you with all that you don’t expect from the usual mainstream releases. Michael Brun’s attention to detail is well worth noting and yet again reminds the listener of his aplomb when behind the production desk. While it may sound raw at first listen, ‘Spice’ is one of those that grow on you, slow and steady until you realize you’ve been hustling to it for longer than a few hours.

You can purchase Michael Brun & Kah-Lo’s ‘Spice’ here on Beatport.

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