Interview: Moguai discusses brand-new single ‘The Greatest Speech’ feat. Raumakustik

Spanning the past two decades, steadily keeping track of his master plan, Germany’s Moguai continues to deliver trendsetting, Gold and Platinum award-winning productions. In light of numerous star-studded collaborations alongside the likes of Fatboy Slim, Sebastian Ingrosso, Tommy Trash, Kaskade, Benny Benassi, Tiësto and Robin Schulz, the German giant is now adding duo Raumakustik to the list, with their latest collaboration; ‘The Greatest Speech’, out now on Spinnin’ Records.

Born in the Ruhr area, now based in Berlin, Moguai made his way from the underground raves of the early ‘90’s to playing the legendary Berlin Love Parade for a crowd of 750,000. Meanwhile, he performs approximately 120 shows per year on the world’s leading stages, festivals included. Now, he’s been kind enough to sit down with We Rave You to discuss his latest collaboration.

Your new track ‘The Greatest Speech’ with Raumakustik is out now on Spinnin’ Records! Tell us a bit about that and how it all came together!

“I always wanted to have a session with Seb and Volker from Raumakustik. Beginning of this year we’ve done it in my Berlin studio in Kreuzberg. The session was only six hours long, due to mechanical car problems, the boys came five hours too late. In that short time we produced our latest single ‘Sometimes’ and ‘The Greatest Speech’.The weirdest thing about it is, that we never ever met each other before, or talked before. That’s how it should be: effective.”

How did Raumakustik enter the picture? What was it like to work with them and what did they bring to the table?

“The guys are great producers and I really love their way how they produce and arrange tracks. It was really big fun working together and inspiring as well. I think these two tracks were not the only ones. So much more to come…”

You’ve used Charlie Chaplin’s speech iconic speech from the 1940 film; ‘The Great Dictator’, in the breaks. What inspired the decision to include such an empowering monologue in this track?

“First of all we produced that track as an instrumental, but I always wanted to do something with this speech. Being a touring DJ, I travel the world and meet people of every culture and religion. I see no difference! We are all the same! What happens in the world nowadays worries me a lot. So I asked myself: What can I do? I’m an entertainer. My only weapon to fight against grievances is my music. The Greatest Speech written by Charlie Chaplin in 1940 is the best speech of all time. The message is still relevant after so many years. That’s why we decided to take this speech. Please listen and think about it.”

The strings create a tranquil atmosphere and help create a smooth transition between the drops and breaks. How did you incorporate them in the mix without overusing them?

“The goal was to end up with a quality piece of music. Not only a ‘dance record’ which is made for the DJ’s. We all had the vision of producing a song with the quality of a Hans Zimmer cinema title, but in an electronic music costume and with a deeper meaning! I’m very happy with the result.”

What does this track say about you, and the musical direction you’re travelling in?

“Right now I’m going more and more back to my roots! I don’t want to say back to the old-school, but producing more for the club! Back in the days when I started making music, I only produced tracks for my DJ sets and that’s what it’s all about in the electronic music world. Tracks that make people dance!”

You’ve worked with a number of big names, including Cheat Codes and Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike. How did this track compare to previous collaborations?

“Every collaboration has a different time, sound and feeling, so you can’t compare a Dimi and Mike collab with a collab I did for example with Fatboy Slim or Cheat Codes. I really love what I’m doing and always try to go with the flow and keep it simple and creative.”

What’s next in store for Moguai? How do you expect to finish off the year?

“I have at least three more singles to come till the end of 2018. So watch out and don’t forget to dance, have fun and to be kind.”

Be sure to listen to Moguai and Raumakustik’s ‘The Greatest Speech’ below and buy it on iTunes here!

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