Interview: MÖWE discuss brand-new single ‘Insane’

Austrian DJ/Producer duo MÖWE returns to Spinnin’ Records, with their latest release; ‘Insane’ featuring Sibbyl. A true feelgood anthem, the rhythm is intense and moody. The track perfectly blends deep, substantial dance music with fetching pop hooks – making this a real tune to look out for.

MÖWE has stellar taste in labels, having worked with labels like Spinnin’ Records, Universal  Music, Atlantic Records, Ministry of Sound, Big Beat, Armada Music, Ultra Music, and Discowax. They then began developing their own distinct sound and style, bringing popular tunes like ‘Sonnenkind’ (reaching 10 million Spotify streams by now), last year. In celebration of their latest release, the astounding Austrian duo kindly sat down with We Rave You to discuss how ‘Insane’ all came together and the experience of working with Sam Feldt.

Your lovely new Deep House anthem ‘Insane’ with Sibbyl is out now on Spinnin’ Records! How did it all come together? 

Thank you! Glad you are loving it as much as we enjoyed creating it! So we went to an amazing Schedler Music writing camp in Austria up in the mountains, amazing vibes, highly talented artists and beautiful surroundings. We weren’t really sure where to start and Sibbyl started writing the lyrics and singing hooks and it all came together, it flowed so well!”

Sibbyl’s vocal range is quite impressive! How did this affect your creative process and how did it help you decide how to build the track around her vocals?

“It really felt like there were no limits with this track, her voice is so amazing! We were feeling a more clubby style track and we just went with the flow!”

The track boasts a calm, mellow nature. Is this a reflection of your personalities or personas, or is it more so just a creative decision?

“It was more our creative flow with the track to be honest, we create whatever style we are feeling. We both used to play punk and rock music back in the day so we can make a mixture of music to whatever ever our mood is at the time!”

Working with Sam Feldt was one of the most iconic moments in your career so far. What did you learn from that collaboration and what did it mean to work with Sam?

“It really was insane! Sam is such a nice guy, a huge artist and an incredibly talented one too! It meant a lot for us that he wanted to work with us on it and cannot thank him enough! It’s so good to collaborate with other artists and combine your sounds and ideas!”

Before MÖWE, you were both in an indie rock band. How does the indie-rock scene to compare to the electronic music scene? What similarities do they share?

“It’s surprisingly not that different! The crowds can be different but in the end it’s all music and everyone is there for the same reason! When we both met we were in different bands but we both had the same vision for electronic music, it was quite a change but it felt so right!”

Being musicians, your knowledge of music theory would undoubtedly be utilitarian. How vital is that knowledge to your productions?

Mel: “I actually admit I don’t know music theory! It’s all just the feeling for me, I know different notes of course but it’s just about how you approach an instrument and go with the flow with it. I just listen to what sounds right and what works together!”

Clemens: “I learned to play bass when I was 12, so learning that from a young age has been a huge help in creating music! I wouldn’t say it is vital but definitely gives you a head start!”

Drawing MIDI notes in your DAW’s piano roll and playing a real instrument both reap their own benefits, but are vastly different. Which do you prefer and why?

“We like to use both and mix it up to be honest, it’s good to have a combination and nice to be able to be flexible to do both. There are lots of amazing producers out there that don’t play instruments and still smash production and DJ’ing. We love the live element which is why we bring it into our shows too!”

Be sure to listen to ‘Insane’ below and stream/buy it here!

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