Paul Oakenfold & Carl Cox go b2b at Stonehenge

A true pioneer, Paul Oakenfold has truly achieved “legend” status through the course of his career so far. The British trance hero, one of the leading figures in bringing the Ibiza sound to other countries during the late 80’s and early 90’s, was even asked to produce the official Euro 2000 soundtrack for the Playstation football game. But his latest achievement might have topped all before him.

Performing at Stonehenge in Wilshire, England, Paul was joined by techno legend Carl Cox for a whopping b2b, and despite the fact that Stonehenge has never had any artists permitted to perform there before, Oakenfold succeeded on account of his legendary status.

Guests were not just listening to house music, but a specifically designed set including U2, Lana Del Rey, and The Weeknd. To minimize vibrations and disruption to the stonework, all guests wore headphones “silent disco”style. When asked why there was such variety to the music, Oakenfold had this to say:

“It’s more than a DJ playing electronic music. I wanted to curate an iconic moment — because of the venue and because it’s never been done.”

All proceeds went to benefit the English Heritage charity organisation. Checkout some aerial and musical highlights from the epic set below on YouTube.

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