Oddoo – That’s OK

Mysterious figure and Miami native artist Oddoo has certainly come to play when it comes to house music. While we may not know much about the character behind the Oddoo project, the music speaks for itself. In his latest release ‘That’s Ok‘ the Florida native introduces us to his take on ominous groove house. Initially, the tune exudes some heavy nods to artists such as BIJOU and JOYRYDE. The G-house styled tune certainly sports a deep bass line, captivating listeners to nod-along to the tune intently. The odd screechy fills and high pitched growls throughout the track certainly give off an ominous vibe. Not to mention the closing and intro of the tune, which includes some tellingly wicked laughter amidst the catching bassline.

While still looking to make some heavy impressions, the growing producer certainly turns some heads with the dark groove that is ‘That’s Ok‘. Although there is plenty of work to be done by Oddoo, The tune sports plenty of playability and potential to be picked up from some of our favorite experimentative house artists such as Rezz, Drezo, or the aforementioned JOYRYDE & BIJOU.

Hopefully, with more to come throughout the rest of 2018, take a listen to Oddoo’s ‘That’s Ok‘ below: