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Swedish House Mafia reunion drone footage to be sold

After what would eventually go down as the beginnings of a freshly re-born fire that has become Swedish House MafiaUltra Music Festival holds plenty of memories for the trio and festival family alike. That being said is an obvious statement, but also a direct tie into the latest news surrounding some apparently not-so-priceless material from the festival.

The bit of material being sold? The footage from one of the aerial drones used to capture Swedish House Mafia’s reunion at Ultra 2018. The footage is currently going on stock video membership website Videoblocks.com, and “Skylabs”, the user who uploaded the material, plans to sell footage from one of most memorable festival moments in history for a whopping $199. Even more gouging, that’s member pricing! If you’re not a registered member of the Videoblocks site, the footage can run for up to $329. While the site’s membership fee is about $39/mo it gives users access to millions of stock videos, after effects, templates, and more. In fact, some stock videos are apparently even free with a paid membership to the site, however, that is just another minuscule detail of information. Where the footage does seem outrageously priced – if you’re a content aficionado, maybe picking up the 4k footage is something that may interest you.

Funnily enough, the pricing of the content runs almost parallel to that of Ultra Music Festival’s early bird ticket pricing (if you’re not a member). Weighing the option of everlasting video footage to your next music festival doesn’t seem like it would be that tough of an option, but with the profile of the set, maybe just maybe, someone would be willing to sacrifice their next festival visit. Who knows the footage could one day be sought after for the trio’s future museum in Stockholm. All jokes aside, with the return of the legendary group on the horizon, there will seemingly be plenty more Swedish House Mafia to indulge in, so purchase at your own risk.