Ray Volpe

Ray Volpe – All Emotion Allowed EP

21-year old DJ and producer from the US, Ray Volpe has released his new EP ‘All Emotion Allowed’. The EP consists of 2 new tracks and is the follow up of Ray Volpe’s last EP ‘No Emotion Allowed’, which was released earlier this year.

In his newest production, the young American showcases his softer and more emotional side. Normally known for Bass heavy tracks, ‘Without You’ and ‘Worth A Try’, the names of the two songs on the EP, are a bit lighter but still beautiful. The songs are full of emotional lyrics and amazing melodies. ‘Without You’ features the double vocals of Devin and Lydia and tells the story of the pain of the boy during a breakup in a relationship and, in contrast to that, the girl that simply does not care anymore. However, in ‘Worth A Try’, the cards are getting flipped: Featuring the vocals of Aviella, now it’s the girl who is trying to win back the affection of the boy. Ray Volpe transformed this real-life story into an audial journey, full of groovy vibes, bittersweet vocals, and amazing melodies.

Even though Ray Volpe is only 21 years old, he has already accomplished a lot. His own headline tour with his debut EP ‘No Emotion Allowed’ and multiple remixes for heavyweights in the industry such as The Chainsmokers and Marshmello demomstrate the success Ray Volpe had already. His newest EP only cement the huge talent that he has, so we can all very much look forward to more music by the American in the future. For now, check out his amazing ‘All Emotion Allowed’!