Skrillex and Poo Bear team up again for opening theme of Kingdom Hearts 3

Nowadays, video games are much more than just a good story or good gameplay. It is especially the music that differentiates good games and exceptional games. Titles like The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim would not be the same without their emotional soundtrack, atmospheric melodies, and suitable sound effects. Names like Koji KondoNobuo Uematsu, and Jesper Kyd are as well-known under Gamers as HardwellMartin Garrix and Carl Cox are under fans of Electronic Dance Music. However, now this world has merged into one: No other than Skrillex is responsible for the main theme of the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3!

Set to release on the 25th of January, Kingdom Hearts 3 is one of the most awaited game in recent years. Even though it is already the 12th game of the series, it is the direct follow up of KH 2, released in 2005. Now, ASCAP has discovered that the opening theme of Kingdom Hearts 3 ‘Face My Fears’ is written and produced by Sonny Moore (Skrillex), Jason Boyd (Poo Bear), and Hikaru Utada, who was also responsible for another highly successful Kingdom Hearts track: Simple and Clean’.


Skrillex and Poo Bear obviously already worked together during their collab ‘Would You Ever’ , so it is going to be very interesting to see and hear how the world of electronic dance music and an opening theme for a highly anticipated video game come together. Skrillex, who is obviously a gamer and a huge fan of Kingdom Hearts it is another milestone in his career. Of course, originally known for his bass-heavy dubstep tracks such as ‘Bangarang’ and ‘Make It Bun Dem’, in recent history the sound of Skrillex has also evolved quite a bit, ‘Would You Ever’ as a perfect example for that. But nevertheless, it is needless to say that both Kingdom Hearts fans, as well as Skrillex fans, can look forward to ‘Face My Fears’.