The Chainsmokers and Halsey’s smash-hit ‘Closer’ reaches diamond status

Released in 2016, The Chainsmokers along with singer Halsey delivered a chart-storming production that sought expediential success not only in their home country but across the globe. Their track ‘Closer‘ topped charts in more than six countries giving the trio their first number one single on Billboard’s Top 100. ‘Closer‘ was a true electronic dance hit that was not only a fan favourite but became and still remains a mainstay in the American duo’s performances. Now, two years down the line, the track has earned itself diamond status, giving Alex, Andrew, and Halsey all the reason to celebrate its huge success.

Gaining diamond status is no easy feat. For a track to be certified diamond by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), it must reach sales of 10 million units (this includes streaming equivalent sales). To put that into perspective, ‘Closer‘ has been platinum status ten times! However, it comes as no surprise for a track which has 1.3 billion plays on Spotify and over two billion views on Youtube. That’s some crazy numbers. The Chainsmokers delivered the news on their Instagram and shared their recent excitement with fans. The social post read:

“CLOSER is officially diamond in the U.S. !! we could have never imagined having one of our songs go 10x platinum. We wrote this song with @freddykennett and @shaunfrank in the back of our tour bus 3 years ago thinking it would be fun record for our fans to jam to, nothing more, congrats boys!”

Halsey also took to her Instagram to share the insane news saying “WOW! (I went diamond before my 24th birthday!!!!!) THIS IS NUTS”. It has been an incredible show by both Alex and Andrew who, we can safely say, are among the very best artists dominating the electronic dance music scene right now. There are no signs of slowing down as the pair go strength to strength each passing month while their fanbase grows ever larger. Well done lads. Listen to ‘Closer‘ now below.