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Tiësto’s breakthrough ‘Silence’ remix celebrates 18th anniversary

The ever-recognizable dance music figure Tiësto continues to reach milestone after milestone with his music. Now over two decades into his career, Tiësto’s breakthrough edit of Delirium and Sarah Mclachlan’sSilence‘ celebrates its 18th anniversary. The DJ who once upon a time originated in the genre of trance, made a huge impact with his, “In Search of Sunrise Remix.” The legendary vocal trance tune provided a completely new ambiance to the massive tune of the time. Now aged 49 and pushing 50, the Dutch legend has lived out a much different legacy looking back on his past contributions to the dance and EDM world. Slowly conforming to producing pop and breaking into more commercial avenues, the Vegas resident performer has certainly come a long way from his first time atop the DJ Mag polls in 2002.

In fact, artist Tijs Michiel Verwest has come such a long way from his initial sound, that he’s recently faced unscrupulous criticisms from fans via social media detailing he has “stopped producing EDM…” While many may take these criticisms at their own leisure, several artists have come to Tiësto’s defense including fellow dance music star Calvin Harris. The exchange which occurred via Instagram and has since been chronicled on Reddit, saw the inquisitive user receive a lecture on EDM by Calvin, who questioned his understanding of what exactly EDM is saying,

“If your edm umbrella is strictly progressive house then u need a new umbrella fella”

No matter the opinions, Tiësto is and will forever be remembered as one of the faces of this genre. With that being said take a jump back in time and revisit Tiësto’s “In Search of Sunrise Remix” to Delirium & Sarah McLachlan’s ‘Silence‘  below: