Tomorrowland Restaurant

Tomorrowland announces new restaurant, ‘MESA’

With the bulk of festival season rounding out at the end of the month, it’s now time to gear up for ADE and the holiday season for most. The fourth quarter fiscal in the music industry is typically the hardest, however, that’s not stopping Tomorrowland from announcing some uplifting and also unexpected news surrounding the launch of a new restaurant. That’s right, one of the worlds most attended dance music festivals has introduced the world to The MESA Resturant, located in Antwerp, Belgium.

The restaurant saw it’s opening day on 22, September 2018 and was inspired by Tomorrowland’s highest quality dining experience – Tastes Of The World. The idea behind the restaurant was not only to serve the most diverse of cultural cuisine but also just like the force that is Tomorrowland, bring those together who step through its doors and come to experience the different tastes and culinary expertise that is MESA. From amongst the worlds largest festivals to one of the worlds finest dining experiences through its incredibly top dishes – the founders and minds behind the brand of Tomorrowland have once again outdone themselves. If executed correctly, who knows what this may mean for the world of festival based dining experiences.

Take a peek at MESA’s website for more info regarding menu, dishes, and just what the restaurant has to offer.