Hardwell U2

U2 – Summer Of Love (Hardwell Remix)

When the news of Hardwell‘s indefinite retirement from touring hit the electronic music world just a couple of weeks back it certainly came as a shock. After the video circulated of the Dutchman in evident joy at the Swedish House Mafia reunion, you could hardly imagine that 6 months down the line that the same guy would have lost the love for touring. Though his schedule has been far from quiet for many years, that never stopped Robbert van de Corput from expressing his passion, talent, and pure energy throughout every set. There are many positives to his decision, mostly for his own mental health and giving him chance to recover after so many years, but it will also give him more opportunity to release tracks. One of the first tracks since his retirement is a remix of U2‘s ‘Summer Of Love‘.

Spinning the phenomenal U2 is always going to be tough, but Hardwell executes it perfectly. Retaining quality from the original track, the Dutch superstar brings the big room sound that he has been fronting throughout his career, and upon which he built his name. In typical Hardwell fashion, the track involves a slick break down, build up, heavy drop, and then the same process for the big finish. Quality and quantity are key to his tracks, and this one is no different. Employing his trademark big room sound with a progressive twist, this track is guaranteed to get some air time. The 30-year-old has recently dropped a new collaboration alongside Revealed Recordings artist Suyano, and shows no sign of slowing down on the production front. With more time to spare after his retirement, you may see more releases from Hardwell, and hopefully the next EP or album.

Though the news of his retirement comes both as surprising and sad in a number of ways, it offers so many positives to both Hardwell and his fans. With years ahead and time on his side, the future is exciting, and you can’t put a limit on what the Dutch legend still has to achieve. Check out the new track below.

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