Yann Sella

Yann Sella – Existence EP

Young French producer Yann Sella has brought us a new 3-tune EP entitled ‘Existence‘. Released via The UK’s Subdust Music, the lead single off the EP Turning Circles‘ has made an impact around the globe, receiving radio play across several countries including the UK, Germany and the US.  The ambient production quality throughout the whole of the EP certainly puts listeners in a calming state of mind.

The first track off the EP, ‘Twinkle‘ sets the mood for the mystifying body of work. The tunes airy synths keep the energy of the track flowing while simultaneously creating an undeniable serine loft to the track. The title ‘Twinkle‘ suits the track perfectly, between the dynamic of the tune and the sound design the word association is simply spot on, you can help but imagine a shimmering light if you close your eyes.

Of course, the bulk of the EP leans on Yann Sella’s standout tune ‘Turning Circles‘. The tune simply drives the direction of the EP with its thematically relaxing atmosphere. The beautifully sustained pad and chord work intermesh to create a truly tranquil track.

The EP wraps up with its self-entitled tune ‘Existence‘. Not veering far from the ambiance the previous two tunes put forth, ‘Existence‘ simply feels like a continuation of ‘Turning Circles‘. The tune almost uses its entrancing synth and kick pairing to distract listeners from the EP’s eventual conclusion. Speaking of the tunes kick, the tune almost exudes a certain lifelike quality – the kick’s distinct thud almost gives ‘Existence‘ a lifelike existence of its own. It’s all in the collective and Yann Sella has definitely given us a real look into what his promise is as a producer.

The EP is released today, as a Beatport exclusive! With all other platforms to follow in two weeks; (October 12th) via Subdust Music.

Take a listen to Yann Sella’s ‘Existence‘ EP for yourself below.