After infamous and mysterious producer ZHU announced the new album already, it now is finally here. ‘RINGOS DESERT’ is the second studio album of ZHU already and follows the trend of his unique sound. After the release of his first album ‘Generationwhy’ was received really well by electronic dance music fans worldwide, the fame of ZHU rose. The DJ and producer with Chinese roots from Los Angeles who gained fame in 2014 with ‘Faded’  created a nothing but stunning follow-up album.

‘RINGOS DESERT’ consists of 14 tracks, most of them new to the audience. ZHU’s collab together with Majid Jordan‘Coming Home’ has been released prior to the new album. The new LP is full of ZHU signature sound. Some of them feature his own unique vocals, some get the support of other singers and some work standalone with nothing but amazing deep house beats. ZHU begins his album with ‘Stormy Love, NM.’ togehter with JOY. The track gets you directly in the right mood for some ZHU music and features both deep beats and amazing vocals. In ‘Guilty Love’ the mysterious producer increases the BPM a bit without going too far away from his normal sound.

One of the most interesting songs on this album is ‘Burn Babylon’, featuring Keznamdi and Daniel Wilson. The sound, the beat, and the vocals will definitely catch you. ‘Waters of Monaco’ will definitely make you beöieve that you are actually in Monaco, watching the sunset while listening to ZHU. The US-American ends his second album with ‘My Life’, a suitable Outro featuring both his signature sounds, his own vocals and a perfect ending for ‘RINGOS DESERT’.

The other songs that haven’t been mentioned in this text are also masterpieces on their own, just waiting for you to explore and to feel them. So, without further ado, check out ZHU’s second album now!