10Digits – Rebirth

Canadian DJ/producer 10Digits has been going from strength to strength, having already dropped two huge hits this year, ‘Feeling‘ and ‘Money‘. His next accomplishment is a full 10-track album that spans a number of different styles and influences. Both of the aforementioned tracks feature on the album alongside multiple other exciting productions.

Each of the tracks on the album has an addictive quality, with infectious rhythms and hypnotic vocals. Kicking off with a bang, ‘Something Crazy‘ is a party anthem with a powerful bassline. Next up, ‘Love to U‘ featuring Jeff Chery has an atmospheric quality with haunting vocals. Perhaps the most exciting track on the album is ‘Feeling’, which is driven by soulful vocals intertwined with its enchanting melody. Later on in the album, vocalist Holly Winter shines at the forefront of ‘Money’, a phenomenal pop-electro anthem.

The whole album explores a variety of styles spanning the electronic spectrum. Showcasing 10Digits’ prowess in production, the album will no doubt prove popular with his loyal fanbase. Here’s what 10Digits had to say about the release:

“My goal with this album was to craft a set of tracks that inspire me to sonically and musically explore everything I’ve learned so far and to carefully fit it all on one album. This debut album is an incredible achievement for me and I hope that my fans will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it.”

Check out the full ‘Rebirth’ album below.

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