Afrojack sat down with Billboard to discuss K-Pop and more

The music industry is constantly changing. Genres come and go, musicians come and go and new markets are gaining popularity. Whereas, in terms of electronic dance music, the traditional markets Europe and North America are still going strong, particularly Asia, which is really developing into one of EDMs most important markets. Major festival brands like Ultra Music FestivalElectric Daisy Carnival and World Club Dome are hosting events in China, Japan, and South Korea and the attendance and excitement of the crowd is amongst the best in the world. Now, one of the biggest names in the industry, Afrojack, has sat down with Billboard to discuss the development of EDM in South Korea and his opinion on K-Pop.

Having played at Ultra Korea multiple times, so he has some special memories about Seoul:

Once, I spent sixteen hours playing poker. There were pretty good players in Korea, though I had beat them all! It was fun.

This time, Afrojack came to Korea to play at the opening party of Incheon Chroma Club. When asked about South Korea’s most important musical export, K-Pop, Afrojack has a clear opinion:

Great music. […] I believe that leaders like YG and SM are putting into practice how the music industry should progress. I heard that their focus is on artists rather than labels.

One of Korea’s most successful K-Pop groups is BTS. The group already received a remix by Steve Aoki for their track ‘MIC Drop’. When asked about his interest in a collab with a K-Pop group, Afrojack replied:

I would like to work with Suga of BTS later. Like always, I’m really enjoying working with artists right now. While working together, we naturally become close and not only work together but also do other things together.

It is safe to say that the Dutchman has a strong and positive opinion about South Korea and K-Pop. So, who knows – maybe we will indeed have a Suga x Afrojack collab very soon!

H/T: Billboard