Alesso reveals ‘new music’ during latest live show

From tracks like ‘Calling‘ and ‘Years‘ to the iconic ‘If I Lose Myself‘ remix, Alesso boasts a catalogue of releases which is truly impressive. Year upon year of huge performances, impeccable productions, and experimental sounds, Alessandro Lindblad has risen to the very top. In 2018 he seems to be back stronger than ever delivering a series of incredible live shows and releasing new music.

During one of his most recent performances, Alesso uploaded a short clip to his Instagram stories of him playing some unreleased music with the caption ‘new music’. This suggests that what we hear is him road testing one of his upcoming releases. The crowd definitely reacts well to this as the drop hits hard with a strong driving synth melody accompanied by punchy stabs and percussions, definitely pushing the boundaries of his immense talent in the studio. This sound and vibe is completely different from what we heard in his latest release ‘REMEDY‘, again showing his versatility as a producer and his ability to effortlessly switch between genres whilst maintaining the highest possible standard of production. In a recent interview with EDM Sauce, Alesso spoke about his upcoming releases, saying:

“I have another track coming out with One Republic that I’m really excited about and a few names that I can’t say right now. And yeah, there is going to be everything from pop music to hard rave songs. Some that I am going to be playing tonight!”

What we hear on this Instagram story is most likely what he refers to as a ‘rave song’, built especially for the club and mainstages around the world. It is definitely sounding like a powerful tool which can work on a variety of dancefloors whilst still sounding fresh and unique.

Be sure to listen to this preview through Alesso’s Instagram story below. Also be sure to follow Alesso’s touring schedule as he travels to North America and East Asia for a chance to see him perform his upcoming music live.

Born and raised in Italy, currently studying in the UK with a strong passion for all genres of electronic music.

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