Armin van Buuren

Armin van Buuren & Cosmic Gate’s epic anthem ‘Embargo’ turns 3 years old

When Dutch trance legend Armin van Buuren first released his 2015 album ‘Embrace’, the producer’s 6th studio album was initially received with some criticism, even from his loyal fanbase. The album surely isn’t your typical Armin album, as it didn’t only contain pure trance bangers, but van Buuren rightly answered the critics by stating he wanted to experiment with – and embrace – other sounds and music genres, like pop, rock and even jazz.

Besides that, Armin van Buuren also said that he would always continue to produce trance, as the genre is in his heart forever. ‘Embrace’‘s first release though, was ‘Another You’, a pop-influenced track with fellow Dutchman Mr. Probz, as was the album’s third release ‘Strong Ones’ ft. Cimo Fränkel. Both tracks definitely proved Armin van Buuren loves to flirt with more radio-friendly tracks and the pop-culture as a whole. Most fans heaved a sigh of relief though, when the King of Trance returned to his trance roots and upped the number of beats per minute by collaborating with Hardwell for the album’s second release ‘Off The Hook’ and finally ‘Embargo’, a phenomenal trance anthem with legendary German duo Cosmic Gate.

‘Embargo’, the fourth released single of the album, is one of those emotional trance bangers that show exactly why the genre is still so popular today. Sweeping synths, a long breakdown and powerful build-up, to be followed by an explosive drop that literally had trance crowds in tears on the dancefloor. ‘Embargo’ truly is one of a kind and it confirmed that Armin van Buuren will always have love for the genre. The anthem turned 3 years old this week, so take a moment to relive Armin van Buuren & Cosmic Gate’s masterpiece ‘Embargo’ down below.