AVIATOR – Harassment/Coming Out

Following the success of his last release ‘Late Night Flex‘, Russian artist AVIATOR is back with some new unique music. AVIATOR was originally attending university in Moscow to become a doctor when he lost his eye in a car crash, forever changing his life’s course of events. While recovering, he spent more and more time producing music, eventually, it became evident that his future lay in music rather than medicine. When it was time for AVIATOR to return to medical school, he chose to produce music instead. Now bearing his signature eye patch, he has set out to forge a new path with his dark, driving sound.

‘Harassment / Coming Out’ builds on the sound from his previous release, combining both a clubbing bomb and an artistic take on a controversial topic. The track is driven by growling synths and a spectacular four-by-four bassline that repeats throughout the track, ‘Harassment / Coming Out’ conjures images of dark dancefloors and black leather, the music charging the air with an almost sensual frenzy through the haze of cigarette smoke.

Be sure to listen to this unique tune and watch the music video featuring actors from Moscow‘s BDSM community on YouTube below.


Born and raised in Italy, currently studying in the UK with a strong passion for all genres of electronic music.

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