Basto – Sunrise/Shut Your Eyes

Basto is undoubtedly one of the most influential producers in the rise of EDM. The popular DJ was responsible for massive tracks like ‘Gregory’s Theme’ and ‘Again and Again’ at the turn of the decade, as the genre catapulted into the mainstream consciousness, inspiring similar tones such as Avicii‘s early work on tracks like ‘Sometimes I Feel’ with Sebastien Drums and the remix of Bob Sinclar‘s ‘New New New.’

Now, the melodic master has returned with his stonking new 2-track EP, which features the lush progressive chords of ‘Sunrise’, and the sumptuous masterpiece, ‘Shut Your Eyes’ – a track which heavily echoes his old work. Bringing back this incredible progressive sound which has sorely been missing from the scene since around 2010/2011 when Basto decided to take a break from the scene, and Avicii’s sound evolved into a more radio-friendly sound found on tracks like ‘Wake Me Up’, you’ll be hard pushed to listen to a production more luscious than the new Basto EP in the rest of 2019!

Check it out below, because this one really is progressive perfection…

Music journalist, lover of house. Body in London, heart in Ibiza.

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