Calvin Harris and Alesso

Calvin Harris & Alesso’s ‘Under Control’ turns 5 years old

Calvin Harris, and Alesso. Undeniably two of the biggest names in the entire history of EDM, and on this day in 2013, fans were treated to the unthinkable when both talents combined to form their collaborative anthem ‘Under Control.’ Roping in Theo from HURTS on vocals, the Brit and the Swede delivered a thumping progressive classic which still goes off to this day.

Though it is tough to believe that a full half-decade has passed since this release, ‘Under Control’ remains a true classic to this day, and represents a golden era for the genre, with 2013 also witnessing huge tracks from the likes of Avicii, who unveiled ‘Wake Me Up’ that summer, and Swedish House Mafia – who performed their ‘farewell’ set at Ultra Music Festival in Miami during the same year.

Though Alesso – and to an extent Calvin – have favoured a more commercial-friendly sound in recent year – both are still considered true EDM legends, and both bring sensational progressive vibes to their live sets, with Alesso recently blowing Los Angeles away with a sizzling performance following his groundbreaking summer sets at Creamfields and Tomorrowland. Take a trip down nostalgia lane by reliving the 2013 classic below:

This, is ‘Under Control’

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