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CamelPhat announce their debut album is in the making

The impact that Liverpool duo CamelPhat and their massive 2017 hit ‘Cola’ ft. Elderbrook made on today’s dance music industry is simply indisputable, and the amazing success of Mike Di Scala and Dave Whelan didn’t quite stop there. Ever since the release of ‘Cola’, a track that will follow them wherever they go, the duo became a festival highlight all over the world and they managed to follow up the track’s success with several other massive hits like ‘Panic Room’ and ‘Dopamine Machine’. Yesterday, CamelPhat continued to surprise their fans with a tweet stating that their debut album is now actually in the making.

Yesterday’s tweet was rather short, however also very clear as it simply stated the following words: “And so it begins… CamelPhat The Album.” Fans immediately responded to the tweet showing massive support for the upcoming debut album of the duo, many of them – jokingly – saying “it’s about damn time!” Who’s to say they aren’t right, as the entire dance music industry is anxiously awaiting new music from the duo. Whether the forthcoming album will be released on British house & electro label Defected (as did ‘Cola’ and ‘Dopamine Machine’) isn’t stated in the tweet, neither did CamelPhat reveal when the full album is going to be dropped.

Later this week however, CamelPhat is set to release another brand new single as well, a collaboration with Solardo titled ‘Accelerator’, which is to be released on Ultra Records. Check out the tweets below where both the debut album and new single ‘Accelerator’ ft. Solardo are being announced.