deadmau5 apologises for offensive ‘AIDS’ and ‘autistic’ comments about Slushii’s music

Whether you like the sound, design, melody, or literally anything to do with someone’s music, it’s never okay to shoot them down over it. Constructive criticism is key, and when a legend of the electronic music scene such as deadmau5 listens to your music, you kind of hope that he’ll love it, and if not, point you in the right direction. Unfortunately, for Slushii, the comments he received weren’t helpful at all. After apologising for allegedly making homophobic and transphobic comments earlier in the week – below – the Canadian producer has retracted his words yet again, after berating Slushii’s music in a recent video.

In the video, mau5 is live streaming whilst checking out some music, and Slushii’s track pops up. Immediately after putting the track on, mau5 AKA Joel Zimmerman labels it “AIDS f***ing music” and goes on to mimic one of the elements of the track saying the word “AIDS” in its place. He then digs deeper and says that Slushii’s track is “seriously autistic sh*t right here”. This thread of comments within a 26 second video is what has sparked controversy. These comments in any context are offensive, but Slushii’s tweets reveal that he is infact on the autistic spectrum, hence he has taken particular offence to the comments. And rightly so, given that he has put years into crafting his own sound, whether or not it is to someones taste, and doesn’t deserve said comments.

Just a number of weeks after commenting on Hardwell‘s decision to retire, the ‘Strobe‘ producer is continuing to annoy people with his comments, and getting plenty of backlash from those involved. deadmau5 has clearly seen Slushii’s responses, which come along with several notable members of the industry backing up the 21-year-old American producer, and is set to take action on himself. In a long text shown as a picture on his Twitter – the social media on which the Canadian is known for speaking his thoughts at every opportunity – mau5 reveals that he is to get “professional help” and will be “taking the time necessary to work on (himself)”. Hopefully, deadmau5 will be back soon with a new approach to both Twitter and giving track feedback, rather than slating hardworking young producers such as Slushii and many more.

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