Devastated – Joey Bada$$ (CTZNJ Bootleg)

Up-and-coming DJ & Producer CTZNJ (pronounced “Citizen Jay”) is back with another hard-hitting bootleg. Having also reworked Aretha Franklin‘s ‘A Deeper Love’, Jay has dived into the world of Hip-Hop as he takes on Joey Bada$$‘s single ‘Devastated’. Jay, whose debut single; ‘Lone Soldier’ notched up almost 10,000 plays, is continuing the strong Trap vibes in his latest release and intends to trump its predecessor.

Using the same chord progressions as the original, Jay’s bootleg evidently features a faster tempo and a more intense nature, as opposed to the original version’s calm demeanour. As the drop arrives, listeners are met with a thumping kick and pitch-bending synth. The track soon elevates as bright, layered lead synths enter the mix, thickening the track’s stereo image.

Having experimented with House, Trap and Future Bass sounds, CTZNJ’s diverse production skills have been flaunted in his latest productions and is showing no signs of stopping.

Be sure to listen to CTZNJ’s ‘Devastated’ remix below!

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