Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike ft. Snoop Dogg vs. Julian Banks & Bassjackers – Bounce

After last week’s tease which generated lots of anticipation, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike finally release their new single ‘Bounce’, a collaboration featuring Snoop Dogg, Bassjackers and Julian Banks. With this release, the Belgian born duo can once again add to their catalogue of high profile collaborations, now joining forces with Hip-Hop legend Snoop Dogg. ‘Bounce’, is a truly a pounding anthem that blurs the lines between genres, fitting between rap, half-time and hardstyle, all whilst expertly straddling the line to create a track that transcends labels.

Rhythmic claps with attitude integrate into dense, weighty bass and hyperactive beats, all offset by Snoop’s instantly-recognisable vocal, pack a delectable and eccentric punch. All styles are on show and fans are left guessing, as the halftime beats switch up for the last drop, cranking up the intensity with a pounding hardstyle section before reverting back to the original, swung rhythm. A merger of worlds and sounds, ‘Bounce’ gets set to go down as a Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike classic, already initiating a rapturous response at the guys stadium-smashing live shows, something that will surely be replicated on a colossal scale when the duo returns to their natural habitat in Tomorrowland this summer.

‘Bounce’ is indicative of Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike’s current standing in the industry, able to look outside the refines of the dance music world to collaborate on projects that take their unmistakable sound and mould it around influential artists from other scenes to create dance music that isn’t strictly bound by genres.

You can listen to ‘Bounce’ on YouTube below



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