DJ Snake

DJ Snake drops teaser video ahead of ‘Taki Taki’ music video

A week ago DJ Snake dropped his brand new collaboration with Selena Gomez, Ozuna and Cardi B, ‘Taki Taki‘. Since then, the track has gone viral amassing over 33 million streams on Spotify. For a track to gain such widespread attention in such a short space of time is a huge accomplishment, even for an established artist like DJ Snake. Now the four artists plan to drop a music video for the track and have just revealed a teaser.

The teaser hints at what the main music video will include, sensational scenery and inspiring shots to accompany the huge track. The energy of ‘Taki Taki’ as a track is certainly set to come across during the video which includes vivid imagery and colourful backdrops. The teaser has set anticipation for the music video at an all-time high with fans around the world eager to see the finished product. The full video is set to drop on Tuesday October 9th, so keep your eyes peeled for the official launch.

Take a look at the full ‘Taki Taki’ music video teaser below.

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