Egzod – Vision

Miami based producer Egzod has come out full throttle with his 3-track ‘Atman EP.‘ The artist who’s garnered over 35 million streams since 2016 and released on noteworthy labels such as NoCopyrightSounds, Lowly Palace, Spirited, Riotville Records, and PRMD Music just to name a few. It comes as no surprise that Egzod also approaches the EP with a pretty holistic theme. The EP’s title “Atman,” is a word which is rooted in Ancient India, it’s meaning is that equated to the inner self or soul – one’s true self per say. 

The entire project has a certain aura and while it’s one of his most versatile it’s also one of his heaviest works yet. Particularly on ‘Vision,‘ the tune features unique instrumentation including the Bansuri, Sitar, Asian chants, Chimes, Shamisen, and various other Indian percussion instruments that combine for a mystifyingly cinematic experience. Discussing just how he came to the final decision on the tune’s name, Egzod had this to say, 

“Visions are about results you want to grasp – strong enough and the result becomes more achievable. It’s about foreseeing the prospective future and drives a human in the now. Once the dreamy voices worked their way into this release, titling it ‘Vision’ felt natural

While ‘Vision‘ is just another step on the road in Egzod’s musical career, the artist has plenty more on the horizon. For those that play the globally received game Fortnite, you may recognize a forthcoming Egzod tune without even knowing it. Do you remember that collaboration commercial between Samsung & Fortnite for the Galaxy Note 9 featuring that energetic soundtrack? Well if you don’t know, now you do, and you also know that the song is a forthcoming Egzod original entitled ‘Expedition‘. Keep an eye on the Miami man as he continues to make his stunning rise.

Take a listen to the final single off Egzod’s ‘Atman EP,‘ ‘Vision‘ below via Spotify: