Fedde Le Grand

Exclusive Interview: Fedde Le Grand discusses highlights of 2018 and more during ADE

The 2018 edition of Amsterdam Dance Event was one for the books. It was a jam-packed week full of top-notch parties, interviews, networking, and much more. In the thick of it all, We Rave You was lucky enough to sit down with Fedde Le Grand to discuss his year, his plans for 2019, and his touring habits to help stay healthy. Fedde Le Grand is a household name in the Netherlands. Known for his decorated career filled with chart-topping singles and innovative productions, his mark has been firmly etched on the scene.

During ADE 2018, Fedde hosted his very own Darklight Sessions at Escape Lounge right in the heart of Amsterdam. Featuring an all-star lineup which included EDX, Bob Sinclair, and Croatia Squad, the night was truly special. Over the years, Fedde has been instrumental in bringing some of today’s top guns into the limelight. Through his Flamingo Recordings imprint, Fedde helped usher in names like Nicky Romero, Deniz Koyu, and Danny Avila.

Currently, Fedde’s main focus is on creating great music and continually pushing the genre further. Check out our interview with Fedde Le Grand below.

You hear a lot about the importance of mental health while touring. What are some of your habits and things you do to stay in good shape both physically and mentally?

“I’ve always done sports and martial arts. However martial arts is something I can’t really do on the road. I feel the main part is finding a balance.  I really do try to watch my food, that’s a big one. I do try to sleep as much as I can however that is tough. It is important to try and find where your pit falls are. For some its traveling, for some its the nerves, it’s different per person. I think you have to give each person their own time to find their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to staying fit.”

Do you think the stresses of the job compounds year after year?

“It eats away at you little pieces at a time. The reserve energy you have becomes less and less. When something happens that demands that extra energy such as non-stop flying for 3 days, that’s when you realize you don’t have much extra strength left, that’s the dangerous thing.”

Looking back at 2018, what are some memorable moments?

“I was super excited about the whole summer. There is the obvious ones, Sensation, Tomorrowland, Untold in Romania. Untold is a freaking amazing festival, i’ve been several times but this year was incredible. I have a few favorite personal spots, there is Dubrovnik in Croatia, there’s this little club. I really like LA to be honest, it’s because I have friends there and the scene is there. It’s hard to pick one!”

For you, what makes a great bar/club music experience? How important is the sound system, layout, atmosphere, etc.

“It depends on so many things but I think the main thing is the crowd you get. I think Ministry of Sound in London is a solid place. I also think this place called the Yalta in Sofia, Bulgaria is excellent. One of my favorites is Green Valley in Brazil. I actually quite like Schimanski in New York as well. Then again, some of the well known clubs like Marquee in Las Vegas are always super well done. It’s hard not to have a great time!”

Anywhere you haven’t played that you really want to get to?

“Well, I think that sometimes you develop a certain bond with certain cities. Sometimes you want to go to a spot for the music, other times to enjoy the destination as it is. So I would say I have many places I have yet to visit that I would like to for music and just for personal travel. It’s more cities than countries to be honest.”

Tomorrow night is Darklight Sessions, how did you decide the lineup?

“We always have a wish list per say. Some people can’t make it, others have prior obligations. So it just trickles down sometimes and you’re left with those who you would like to have and those that can make it. We’ve been doing it for many years and all the guys actually really like playing their own music. I want everyone to have free reign to play what they want. No restrictions, no boundaries.”

Do you select artists that represent your sound? Or do you pick based on individual talent?

“Well I come from a really “housey” background. So that will always be my first love and my foundation. I like to welcome unique sounds and original artists. However I will say that house is the platform. We had EDX last year who loved it, also Croatia Squad, freaking awesome guys.”

What do you wish you knew back then (when you were starting out) that you know now?

“To sum it up and not get to much into the details. Everyone starts because of the love of music but you usually find out the hard way that everything isn’t as fluffy and nice as you would expect. There is a lot of sharks out there. The job demands a lot from you. You have to absolutely love this 100%. If you just want to do it for being famous or all the other phoney reasons you’re not gonna make it. There is a part that is all about music but there is also a business side as well. I usually cringe at it (the business side) but you have to stay strong.”

Can you share any news for what is in store for 2019?

“There is two collaborations with two Dutch guys. One of the guys I played with last night. The other one is a little less obvious. These are gonna be great. Great producers.”