Hanne Mjøen

Hanne Mjøen – Sounds Good To Me

Norwegian singer/songwriter Hanne Mjøen has been making a name for herself over the past few years due to her unique yet addictive vocals. One of Scandinavia’s most promising talents, she continues to build momentum and grow in popularity at an exponential rate. Having worked with artists such as R3hab and Matisse & Sadko, she is no stranger to the electronic music industry and is increasing her ties to the genre.

Her latest hit ‘Sounds Good To Me‘ marks her debut on Spinnin’ Records. The track effortlessly blends pop with electronic, centring around Mjøen’s hypnotic vocals. Mellow in nature, the track will have listeners hitting replay for the foreseeable future. We caught up with Hanne Mjøen to talk about the brand new track and her plans for the future.

What was the inspiration behind ‘Sounds Good To Me’?

I’m very emotional, and this is the most honest song I’ve written, about how hard it can be going into a relationship, but doing it anyway, cause it’s worth the risk. You will break my heart, but I’ll be fine.

You’ve said that this track is your most danceable yet, does this mark the beginning of more experimentation with the genre?

I love to experiment, and as a songwriter I do that almost every day in sessions with different producers and songwriters, so I think I’m always gonna play with my sound as an artist. But I really love how ‘Sounds Good To Me’ sounds, so think I’m gonna stay in the same atmos for a while.

Having already worked with R3hab and Matisse & Sadko, do you have any further plans to work with electronic music artists?

For sure! I’m very into collaborating with other producers and artists. Always cool getting new ideas and influences from different people.

How did the collaborations with both artists come about?

With R3hab I actually wrote the song in my bedroom to a totally different track from Khrebto, his collaborator on the track. Half a year later R3hab sent me an email with the new production, wanting to release it. Matisse & Sadko also sent me a track, I loved it straight away, and co-wrote ‘Into You’ with Jim Bergsted.

Having captured attention through stellar festival performances over the summer, do you have any more shows planned over the rest of the year and into 2019?

Playing shows is my favorite part of being an artist. I love preforming in front of a live audience, getting their response to my music and connecting with people. I also have the best musicians traveling with me, and I’m so excited to do more shows next year. All the future plans are still secret, but will hopefully be announced soon!

Do you have any other upcoming projects? Are you working on any new music?

I’ve just been in Berlin shooting a music video for ‘Sounds Good To Me’, and I can’t wait to share it with you guys! Also I’m writing new songs every day, and will for sure put some more music out into the world soon <3

‘Sounds Good To Me’ is out now on Spinnin’ Records, check out the track in full below.

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