Exclusive interview: Armin van Buuren talks Romania, genre choices & more

This year at Untold Festival we caught up with Armin van Buuren for an exclusive interview that saw him open up about a number of subjects. To kick off the interview, he opened up about his unique connection with the people of Romania, where he has become a huge icon, particularly following his extended sets at Untold and Neversea. This year at Untold he played for a staggering seven hours, unleashing a set that encompassed a number of influences and many of his own hits.

Later in the interview the Dutch star discussed his genre choices, and the way he approaches music production. He explained the importance of going with the flow and not being restricted by wanting to stick to a specific genre. He also opened up about whether he would influence his children to pursue a career in the music industry. Explaining that he feels very lucky to have reached the stage he has in his career, he stated that he wants his children to pursue their own path by finding something that energizes them.

Check out the full interview below.

23 year old dance music addict from the UK.

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