J-Hamz feat. Jesse Peters – Keep On Lovin’ (Xandie Remix)

Being a track that has gotten considerable attention from online streaming platforms such as Spotify and in-store music radio services, Canadian DJ and producer J-Hamz‘s recent single titled ‘Keep On Lovin” has made quite a name for itself in the Dance music world. Featuring vocals from singer Jesse Peters, credit for the track’s success is due in part to the remix contest package that did its bit in pushing the track up the ladder on various Beatport and Spotify playlists. Set to add to this success, Digital Empire VIP – the label that released the original as well as the remix package – has come out with a 2-track official remix package for the J-Hamz original. Among them, the remix from record producer Xandie infuses the original with carefully crafted piano notes and guitar riffs to render it into his style of production.

Formerly part of the Rocket Jumper duo, Xandie is a producer who thrives on opportunities to deliver driving melodies and calculated renditions of vocals from original tracks. A regular on Digital Empire VIP, it was no surprise that Xandie was plying his production adeptness on J-Hamz’ single. In his hands, the bounce-infused original track sees itself stripped bare of all elements and built from scratch with ‘feel-good’ guitar riffs that accompany the fantastic vocals from the original. It all comes to a thumping drop that is quite a novelty when pitted against the other remixes that the track has received since release. Being a Xandie remix through and through, his work on J-Hamz’ original is a thoughtful remix that takes care of both sides of the coin – providing for an easygoing solo-listening experience as well as delivering the excitement of a thrilling club hit.

Xandie’s take on J-Hamz’ ‘Keep On Lovin” is available on Beatport here and Apple Music here.

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