J-Hamz feat. Jesse Peters – Keep On Lovin’ (Ready Or Not Remix)

With the multiple styles of production that feature in today’s Dance music spectrum, the original tracks are never enough – remixes do well to complement the original’s success. Depending on this very principle, Canadian DJ and producer J-Hamz organized a successful remix competition for his single ‘Keep On Lovin” with singer Jesse Peters. Back yet again with a fresh 2-track compilation, the track sees a sensational remix from Denver based producer Ready Or Not. Formerly known as Desol Destroyer, the American producer does brilliantly to transform the J-Hamz original’s bounce-laden structure into a Bass driven monster for the radio waves.

Beginning with a rather sullen and easy-going beat-work, the track’s overture belies what comes later. Featuring a steady synth-work from Ready Or Not, the track employs Jesse Peters silky vocals before it takes a sudden but sumptuous turn towards the pure injection of Bass. In typical fashion, Ready Or Not dons his talents to deliver a revving Bass drop with detailed twerks and gimmicks. A release that complements the original by taking away its playful nature and replacing it with pure energy, Ready Or Not’s remix is packed together with a remix from Xandie in this 2-track remix compilation. In the long run of remix packages for J-Hamz’ ‘Keep on Lovin’‘ it only goes to show how many enthralling ways of retelling a successful original can be there – given adeptness of producers such as Ready Or Not and Xandie.

Ready Or Not’s take on J-Hamz’ ‘Keep On Lovin” is available on Beatport here and Apple Music here.

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