Jeffrey Sutorius

Jeffrey Sutorius releases second statement following Dash Berlin exit

During the start of the summer months, Jeffrey Sutorius announced his departure from Dutch electronic music group Dash Berlin in what came as a shock to his fans. Among health concerns during the same time, the music producer released a statement that he was to leave the group due to conflict which explained his absence from performances and show cancellations around June this year. The former frontman has now released a second statement about his exit from Dash Berlin as he sits down for an exclusive interview with DJ Mag and further outlines the reasoning for his departure.

Citing ‘mismanagement’ and ‘burnout’ as reasons for leaving Dash Berlin in the interview, Jeffrey Sutorius talks how certain actions from his management led the music producer to take action.

“This was the straw that broke this camel’s back. I knew it was time for action because this is simply not right. I couldn’t accept this, and I decided to stop working with the Van der Kleij booking agency.”

Recently, however, amid what can only be assumed as some pretty rough months for DJ, things are on the up for Jeffrey’s future with the electronic star recently dropping his first solo mix and going on to join booking company David Lewis Productions. Shedding some positive light on his current situation, Jeffrey said:

“As to my health now, I think I am getting where I want to be. But this time I will take care to make it sustainable, and to keep my life balanced out. Obviously, I have to take care of the past emotionally and financially, but I am also really looking forward to connecting with my fans again.”

We’re certainly looking forward to Jeffrey Sutorius retuning to the stage and can only hope it won’t be too long now. You can read the full exclusive interview between Jeffrey and DJ Mag here.

Jeffrey Sutorius