Marshmello shares his opinion on the DJ Mag top 100 poll

The DJ Mag top 100 poll is always at the centre of controversy. Only one artist can achieve the number one spot, leaving many other artists and fans frustrated by the outcome. Every time the results are revealed, many lash out over social media when they are unhappy with the ranking. Over the years there have been a fair few controversial moments and many have been open about their negative opinion towards the poll. Aside from the many negative posts, it was mysterious masked DJ Marshmello who offered an interesting opinion suggesting an alternative.

In an unexpected tweet Marshmello suggested that instead of inflating the egos of artists that are already successful, the top 100 should be used to help new talent find success by allowing their brand to gain extra publicity. While this alternative would be difficult to orchestrate, it does offer an interesting new perspective. With so many artists struggling to break into the scene, it would certainly be helpful for new talent to be placed in a poll, allowing listeners to discover their music.

Take a look at the tweet below.

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