Martin Garrix

Martin Garrix shares his favourite song of 2018 in DJ Mag top 100 profile

Every year, DJ Mag reveal their annual top 100 ranking based on a public vote throughout the summer. As well as the results, readers of DJ Mag also get an insight into each artist through interviews and biographies where each artist is asked the same list of questions. This year, Martin Garrix was crowned #1 for the third consecutive year, giving him the prime spot in the magazine for a huge interview. One of the most interesting revelations to come from this interview was Martin Garrix’s favourite song of 2018.

During his interview this year, Garrix revealed that his favourite song is, in fact, ‘Forever‘ by Taska Black. Upon listening to the track, it is clear that Garrix himself has been inspired somewhat by this particular sound. The mellow nature of the track alongside hypnotic vocals make it a true masterpiece that would fit perfectly in one of Garrix’s own DJ sets. Often during the DJ Mag profiles artists select one of their own releases as their favourite track of the year in order to increase publicity. By selecting an honest answer, Garrix has certainly enabled many of his audience to discover Taska Black for the first time.

Check out the track below.

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